Join us at the Federated Nonprofits Summit

National Harbor, MD -  7/12/2016

Numerous nonprofit organizations have national and affiliate (or chapter) email lists. But few organizations coordinate their messaging between their national and affiliate efforts, often leaving constituents with mixed messages, and organizations missing out on opportunities to connect national campaigns to local activities and speak with a unified voice to their supporters.

To begin to overcome these obstacles, Beaconfire RED and are hosting a series of conversations with federated organizations to discuss challenges to manage national and local email addresses, how to navigate that systematic change within an organization and the services and products available to get more from an organization’s digital presence.


During this collaborative session, we will address the following:

Part 1: Why is this important?

What’s the potential value an organization can get from coordinating communications and constituent management.

Part 2: What does a successful program look like?

Look at a few different models of how organizations are approaching list sharing and coordination. How it’s structured, how long it’s been in place, how did they define success, how successful has it been, how they hold each other accountable to best practices, and more.

Part 3: Roadmap for building buy-in and crafting a program for your organization. 

How to approach an open plan while overcoming common roadblocks, including champions, communications and leadership.

Two nonprofit organizations will share their current federated models and processes to inform the conversation: 

Kerry Lenahan

VP, Constituent Engagement, American Diabetes Association

Emily Teufel

Affiliate Online Marketing Manager, ACLU  

The event is open only to representatives of nonprofit organizations and will be held at a location close to the Bridge conference hotel. Lunch will be served.

This will be a small, intimate group, so seats will be limited. RSVP now to claim your seat.