Meet Svenn: The List Encryption & Upload Tool


When you run a Sponsored Campaign on, we guarantee that you will receive only those supporters who are brand new to your list. In order to make that guarantee a reality, part of the process of launching your campaign includes gathering an encrypted list of your supporters, called a suppression list.

We will run your suppression list through an application we call Svenn - an entirely safe and secure way to share your information with us - and it makes sure we only show your campaign to people who aren’t already signed up to support you.

We take the security and privacy of your membership very seriously. The application runs locally, on your own computer. You generate your plain, unencrypted email list from your database, and then load the list into this application to create an encrypted version of your file. Only this secure, encrypted file is uploaded to our servers.

What is Svenn?

Svenn is an application we use at to ensure that we’re delivering only supporters who are brand new to your list. When you use Svenn to upload your current list, we then suppress those people so they don’t see your campaigns on our platform.

When should I use Svenn?

Before launching your campaign, your client manager will share with you a link to download Svenn, as well as your organization’s secure access codes. Depending on how large your current house file is, it can take a few hours to upload and process correctly, so it’s best to begin the upload of your suppression list at least 24 hours before you’d like your campaign to go live.

How do I use Svenn?

Svenn file
  1. Svenn runs on Adobe Air, a free piece of software, so the first step is to download and install Adobe Air for your operating system (though it might already be on your computer): Download Adobe Air
  2. Next, download Svenn and follow the application’s instructions to export your email list

  3. Export the list of your supporters’ email addresses from your database. The file should be plain text, ending in .txt or .csv. It should not have a column header, such as “Email.” It should just be a list of email address, one on each line. For example:





  4. Before uploading, take a minute to double-check for these common issues:

    1. Incorrectly formatted emails, such as emails surrounded by quotation marks ("") or greater-than and less-than symbols (<>)

    2. Blank lines should be removed from your email list

    3. Make sure every row contains a single, valid email address

    4. Check that there are no commas separating each email address

  5. You will need two pieces of information on hand: your Organization ID and an Authorization Code. Your client manager will provide this information.

  6. The file should take no more than a few minutes to upload. If Svenn reports back that it skipped a few emails, don’t worry! However, if a significant number of emails are skipped, please check the formatting of your file and ensure it meets the requirements listed above.

How often should I update my suppression list?

It varies based on how long your campaign is live on the platform, and whether you are actively recruiting new supporters from other sources at the same time. If you are running other campaigns at the same time as your campaign, a good rule of thumb is to update your list at least once a week. Every time you upload a new list to Svenn, it adds those names to the suppression file we have for you rather than replacing them. Don’t worry about updating it to include your supporters, as they are automatically added to your suppression list once they opt-in to your campaign. This makes sure they don’t see it and have the chance to opt-in more than once.

What if I don’t provide a suppression list?

We require all organizations to provide a full suppression list so we can make good on our guarantee to only provide brand new supporters to your list. It helps us grow your movement in the most effective and efficient way possible.

I still have more questions about Svenn.

If you want more information about the application or how suppression works, in general, talk to your client manager! They’ll be happy to help get you the answers you need.