Webinar: Big Screen Storytelling for Your Biggest Campaign Ever

Whether it’s a film, an online campaign, or an email, your story needs to move people to action. 

Picture Motion, a leading marketing and advocacy firm for issue driven films like BullyFed Up, and Fruitvale Station, knows how to harness great stories to change hearts and minds. So we asked them - how can we apply documentary film best practices to fundraising drives, advocacy campaigns and day to day email writing?

View this webinar and learn how to:

  • Use stories to inspire social change
  • Tell your organization's story in an engaging and compelling way
  • Use film and petitions hand in hand to create change

Wendy Cohen, Picture Motion
Wendy Cohen is a partner and principal at Picture Motion playing a leading role in business development, strategic planning, and digital strategy. She is passionate about using well told stories to accelerate change.

Meghan Teich, Change.org
Meghan is a Lead Client Manager for Change.org where she works with a variety of nonprofits to connect them with new advocates and donors. She is a frequent speaker and presenter on online engagement best practices, crisis communications, and donor engagement.