White Paper: How to Remain Relevant in 2016 When You’re Not a Candidate or PAC

For organizations that are prepared (and a little lucky), the mass media attention around the presidential campaign presents a chance to elevate issues related to your organization’s mission.

If your issues become important politically this year -- nationally, locally or with a key piece of the electorate -- you may be able to make real progress toward your policy goals. Download the white paper to get practical tips, including:

  • Optimizing your content around election-year messaging, using policy language, stories, and social media

  • Engaging your constituents to maximize brand influence, lead generation, and donor engagement

  • Aligning key stakeholders around your work, issues, and opportunities

Election season will almost certainly help you reach new audiences and grow your supporter list - you may even alter the collective perception of your cause and get the ball rolling on new initiatives. Simply fill out the form below to download the full Election Year Advocacy Plan and learn how to properly position your organization throughout this hectic political season!

"Election Year Advocacy" is written by Colin Delany of EPolitics and Lisa Sock of Change.org, both veterans of nonprofit organizations and political campaigns.