Webinar: When Good Emails Get Blocked- Email Deliverability and Your List

Spam traps. Blacklists. Authentication. Sender reputation. Algorithms. Gmail. Outlook. Metrics and more metrics. It’s exhausting trying to keep up! With ongoing changes in email deliverability, it has become harder and harder to reach your supporters, despite how compelling your content may be. 

Change.org and Engaging Networks send over 100 million emails every month and we've developed strategies to deliver the most important content to our supporters’ inboxes.

In this video, you'll learn: 

  • Why emails get blocked
  • How to build your sender reputation
  • Key metrics for monitoring deliverability
  • Tips and tricks to improve your deliverability 

Dan Szymczak
Director of Technology, Engaging Networks
Dan is well versed in how technology is used to improve the non-profit sector, with over 16 years of experience, ranging from java development and network administration to developer management. As Director of Technologyat Engaging Networks, one of Dan’s key roles is managing the email delivery team for their 200+ clients around the world. This evolving process helps their clients deliver their unique messages through an ever changing eCRM and email landscape.

Alice Cornell
Director of Deliverability, Change.org
Alice has worked in electronic messaging for over 15 years, helping many large global senders optimize their email programs, implementing best practices to ensure that their email delivers to the inbox.  After spending four years at Return Path, Alice joined Change.org in July 2013, and has been enjoying meeting the challenges of delivering email for the world's platform for change.