Year-End Fundraising Checklist

If you think year-end fundraising starts in December, then you are already missing out on opportunities to prepare for this perennially important time of year. Preparation is key for year-end, no matter how big or small your nonprofit is.

Our quarter by quarter checklist will help to guide you through year-end preparations and plan out your most successful fundraising season yet. It’s difficult to move forward with a year-long plan without everyone’s buy-in. Setting up a streamlined approval process early in the game will keep your entire organization on the same page all the way up to December.

Our checklist will teach you how to:

  • Tell a compelling and cohesive narrative
  • Keep an engaged and active list
  • Create robust testing strategies and systems for tracking metrics
  • Build a solid infrastructure
  • Keep internal communication clear and open

Your organization isn’t the only one planning for a big end of year ask. By laying the foundation early and creating a plan with your team well before Q4, your organization can identify the most important to-dos to check off throughout the year and you’ll reap the benefits come December.