Webinar: You've Got Their Email, Now What?

What do you get when you mix Change.org and Salsa Labs? A powerful blend of insights and implementation tricks that will help you attract, cultivate, and convert supporters.

In this webinar video, you'll learn:

  • How to cultivate new supporters into advocates/donors
  • Best practices for segmenting and targeting your audience
  • Tips for maximizing engagement with your welcome series

Blake Groves, Salsa Labs
As Vice President of Strategy and Business Development with Salsa Labs, Blake brings over 20 years in tech experience from companies like Convio, Charity Dynamics, AOL, and Netscape. His passion and focus is on leveraging internet technologies to help nonprofits.

Tammy Ho, Change.org
As a Lead Client Manager at Change.org, Tammy works with a variety of nonprofits to connect them with new advocates and donors. She specializes in fundraising, email marketing, and acquisition.